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Attorney Joseph Campbell was called to practice law by giants that shaped America's current legal system - Damon J. Keith, Thurgood Marshall, Anthony Kennedy, Learned Hand, Benjamin Cardozo, George Steeh III, etc.

Attorney Joseph Campbell graduated from Wayne State University Law School, where he won a Gold Key Scholarship and learned from Michigan's most brilliant legal brains.


A thoroughbred freedom fighter, Attorney Joseph Campbell's passion for justice projects from his voice and shines through his eyes. Attorney Joseph Campbell's advocacy assures your absolute constitutional rights stay above any and all criminal accusations.

Attorney Campbell knows that effective advocacy requires an all-out approach. As such, Attorney Campbell's by any means necessary mentality has made him one of the most retained and respected litigators in Michigan.



I highly recommend Mr. Campbell!

His knowledge of the law is beyond impressive. A well known and respected lawyer in the community that will do everything in his power to get you the best possible outcome in your case

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